statistical consulting session, showing two researchers working collaboratively looking at a computer screen with data visualizations.

Statistical Consulting

The Statistical Consulting Group is part of the Department of Statistics in the College of Letters and Science. We provide UW faculty, staff, and students with assistance in all the statistical aspects of research, from project development through publication.

Faculty, staff, and project assistant statisticians, all with training and experience in bridging statistics and the sciences, are available for collaboration. Please see our Team. Collectively, they have co-authored many refereed journal articles reflecting collaborative research activities. Scroll below for testimonials from current and former collaborators.

If you are interested in setting up an appointment, first please read our Policies and Procedures.


The Statistical Consulting Group is an incredible resource for my research team. Virtually everyone in my lab utilizes and greatly benefits from their expertise.
– Leslie Holland, Asst. Professor & Extension Specialist, Plant Pathology

Their approach is to “teach a man how to fish” and has helped me develop statistical literacy that will be helpful in my future as both a producer and consumer of scientific literature. The knowledge I have gained in one hour of working with them is equivalent to months of a high-level statistics course. I have recommended the Statistical Consulting Group to multiple people within my department and have only heard positive things from my peers. This is an invaluable resource!
– Isabella Muscettola, MS Student, Soil Science

statistical consulting session, showing the hands of two researchers working together, pointing at their computer screens.

With the help of the Statistical Consulting Group, I was able to achieve more with my data than I could have on my own.
– Kurt Hockemeyer, Staff, Plant Pathology

statistical consulting session, showing two researchers discussing in front of a laptop.

The Statistical Consulting Group have elevated the quality of my research projects, and have helped our lab operate more efficiently.
– Micah Robinson, Grad Student, Biological Systems Engineering

Without the support of the Statistical Consulting Group, meeting my planned timeline for completing my PhD would be improbable.
– Tatiana Maeda, PhD Student, Environmental Studies

My experience with the Statistical Consulting Group was vital to the success of my dissertation. I would highly recommend this resource as a great way to learn more and foster collaboration and understanding across the sciences.
– Nora Dunkirk, Recent PhD Graduate, Botany

I appreciated that the statistician spent time to help me understand his thought process, so that I could be more efficient and independent in future projects.
– Elaine Lipkin, PhD Student, Food Science

The Statistical Consulting Group has been a critical part of my lab’s success. In fact, when mentioning the Group to my research technician he replied, ‘I’m not sure how I would have published my last three publications without their help.’ They assist us in producing high quality and impactful research.
– Paul Koch, Professor, Plant Pathology

The statistical consultant has always been immensely helpful and knowledgeable, and I cannot express how much I learn each time I meet him. Statistical consultations ensure that our research gets reviewed by a statistician before publication, which is crucial for maintaining the quality of our work. I hope that many more will take advantage of this invaluable resource.
– Valentina Infante, Grad Student, Bacteriology

statistical consulting session: a man writes on a white board, annotating a graph. Another researcher looks at the board.

books on statistical methods, used during a statistical consulting session

The statistician’s professionalism, kindness, and resourcefulness truly stood out during our meetings. His explanation was so clear that I could explain the basics of statistics, and where the project needed to go, to my partner after our meeting.
– Erin Townsend, iBio 152 Student

The Statistical Consulting Group has been critical to the success of my laboratory’s research. Often, we don’t have the statistical knowledge we need “in house,” so we’ve turned to the Group. Their friendliness, skills, expertise, and total professionalism have enabled many of our papers, including high impact papers showcasing the best of the Wisconsin Idea. Not having access to statistics consulting would negatively impact our research.
– Anne Pringle, Professor, Botany