What's Happening in Statistics?

Fortune Magazine Recognizes UW Madison data science master’s degree program

The University of Wisconsin–Madison is launching a master’s degree program in data science to meet the growing demand among students for more data science offerings.

Assistant Professor Miaoyan Wang received the prestigious NSF CAREER Award

The award will allow Miaoyan to develop a suite of statistical learning theory, efficient algorithms, and data-driven solutions for high-dimensional tensor problems.

Two of Statistics students named among the three IMS Lawrence D. Brown PhD Student Awards

This inaugural award was given to three PhD students among the entire IMS community.

Chan Park and Rungang Han

Qianyun (Lexi) Luo and Hawra Aljawad reached the final stage of competition this year for the Rhodes Scholarship

One of the most prestigious and selective undergraduate academic honors in the world.

Madison seniors Qianyun (Lexi) Luo and Hawra Aljawad

Prospective Students

The Undergraduate degree program in statistics includes course work in statistics, mathematics, and computing as part of a BA or BS degree that prepares students in many ways of knowing about the world including thinking statistically to infer meaning from data.

The department offers multiple graduate programs.

The PhD program includes foundational coursework followed by original research directed by a faculty advisor leading to a dissertation.

The MS program in statistics prepares students to work as statistical consultants and emphasizes collaboration and communication with non-statisticians.

The MSDS program is a masters program in data science that merges coursework in statistics and computation to train students to extract knowledge from data.

The Biometry masters program is primarily aimed at students enrolled in a PhD program in a biological science at UW-Madison that seek to add a degree in statistics to their study.

Employment Opportunities

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