Courses and Enrollment


Transfer credit for UW-Madison is handled through Credit Evaluation Services in the Office of the Registrar. All STAT courses are reviewed at some stage by the Department of Statistics. The Department of Statistics is not able to review individual courses for students outside of established campus processes. The Credit Evaluation Services process currently requires that you complete the course before requesting that it be evaluated. For students studying abroad through programs affiliated with the UW-Madison Study Abroad Office, please work with your study abroad advisor to have your courses evaluated. This process may allow a course to be reviewed before you take it abroad.

If you are looking at taking a winterim or summer course at another institution, please consult Transferology for established course equivalencies. If a course is not listed in Transferology, we are unable to review it prior to you taking it, and we cannot guarantee that the course will have a direct equivalent at UW-Madison. If you would like help using Transferology you can view this KB article or contact your academic advisor. There is a KB article to help with finding your academic advisor’s contact information.