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Advising Expectations

Academic advising is a partnership between students and staff. The Statistics Department has a team of knowledgeable and experienced academic advisors available to help facilitate your success. Managing expectations about the advising process helps students and staff maintain common understanding and clarify goals to best assist students through their educational experience.

It is best to get into the habit of including your 10-digit campus ID number when contacting advising staff so we can best support you.

Attendance Policy

Attendance policy:

With over 2000 undergraduate students in the Statistics department, advising appointments are limited. It is important that you attend your scheduled appointments (phone/virtual/in-person) to avoid wasting your own and your advisor’s time, as well as taking up space from other students who need advising.

If you can no longer attend a scheduled advising appointment, please cancel your appointment through Starfish if you are able, or send your advisor an email. Links to your advisor’s Starfish profile can be found on your major website, which are linked above in the “advising resources” section.

No-show appointments:

We define a no-show appointment in the Statistics department as:

-an appointment you do not attend

-an appointment you cancel with less than 5 minutes notice prior to the start of the meeting

-an appointment that you are more than 8 minutes late to


Students who have 2 or more no-show appointments in a row will be contacted by advising staff via email before being able to schedule another appointment with staff.