Undergraduate Statistics Club

I. Purpose of the organization
1. Spread statistical thinking to fellow undergraduate students
2. Host events to improve members’ statistical skills
3. Guide students to the resources on campus connected to careers in statistics

II. Guaranteed programs and events each year
1. Organize tutoring and study groups for undergraduate statistics courses
2. Organize participation in data competitions
3. Maintain a platform that highlights on-campus and off-campus opportunities in statistics internships, jobs, and graduate programs

III. Statistics Club Membership Requirements
1. Interested in statistics
2. Student at UW – Madison

IV. Statistics Club’s Relationship with Other Student Organizations
1. Statistics Club strives to create meaningful partnerships with other similar student organizations at UW-Madison and at other universities to increase the range of opportunities available to Statistics Club Members

V. Upcoming Events***
The first meeting of Spring 2020 will be February 18th, 2020, SMI 133, from 6-7pm
Student panel about majoring in statistics – students with different backgrounds who major in statistics sharing their academic, research, and internship experiences and discussing what role do statistics play in their multiple majors.

If you have any questions, feel free to email any of us! We are here to help. 🙂
Amanda Elert – President aelert2@wisc.edu 
Eliot Kim – VP of Event Planning ejkim23@wisc.edu 
Kevin Hutchins – VP of Event Planning khutchins2@wisc.edu
Nan Yang – VP of Finance and Outreach nyang49@wisc.edu
Siyu Liang – VP of Marketing sliang46@wisc.edu

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