Student Stories

Hear the stories of seven undergraduate statistics students. From doubling majoring in Wildlife Ecology to a certificate in Digital Studies, hear about the diverse pathways of the Statistics major. Click on each video to learn more!

Videographer: Luke Swanson

Susan Jiao

Meet Susan

Susan Jiao is a Statistics, Economics, and Math triple major student. Learn about what drew Susan to the Statistics major and her research interests.

Christopher Kardatzke

Meet Christopher

Christopher Kardatzke is a Statistics major student. Learn more about Christopher’s research experience and involvement on campus.

Amanda Elert

Meet Amanda

Amanda Elert is a Statistics major, Digital Studies certificate, and recent May 2020 graduate. Learn about her journey in the Statistics major and finding her place in the field.

Mike Hatfield

Meet Mike

Mike Hatfield is a Statistics and Economics double major student. Learn more about Mike’s interest in his double major and how he plans to use it.

Faith Kulzer

Meet Faith

Faith Kulzer is a Wildlife Ecology and Statistics double major student. Learn more about how Faith discovered the Statistics major and how she is using the major to stand out.

Julianna Brandt

Meet Julianna

Julianna Brandt is a Statistics and Mathematics double major student. Learn more about Julianna’s experience at UW-Madison and how she found the Statistics major.

Siyu Liang

Meet Siyu

Siyu Liang is a Statistics and Political Science double major student. Learn why Siyu came to study at UW and her experience as the Undergraduate Statistics Club President.