Honoring Paul Beebe’s decades of dedication

Paul Beebe
Paul Beebe (photo courtesy of Beebe)

H. Paul Beebe, a Department of Statistics information technology (IT) professional, has retired after a decades-long career serving the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Beebe has been an integral part of the UW-Madison community for decades, in both the Department of Computer Sciences (CS) and the Department of Statistics. His journey began in 1982 as an undergraduate in CS, but his impact has extended well beyond the classroom.

From student hourly to computing leader

During his undergraduate years, Beebe helped others maximize computing technologies as a student employee in the Computer Systems Lab. His passion for technology and innovation was evident even then, as some of the earliest personal computers were just becoming available.

Upon graduation, Beebe transitioned into a leadership role as the Director of Academic Computing for the CS department. Until 2010, he played a pivotal role in shaping the department’s technological landscape. His impact extended beyond mere infrastructure; he helped foster an environment conducive to academic excellence.

Empowering statistical computing

Beebe’s influence reached beyond the Computer Sciences department — he championed the integration of cutting-edge technologies into statistical computing on campus. From individual faculty needs to Statistics’ department-level facilities, he ensured seamless hardware installation, software deployment, and network connectivity, empowering statisticians to explore, analyze, and innovate. 

In 2010, Beebe moved into a limited-term role with the Department of Statistics, where he continued to leverage his expertise for over a decade. 

The entire Department of Statistics community sincerely thanks Paul Beebe for his career of distinguished and dedicated service.

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