Our own professor Michael Newton and his student have taken top honors from WARF

The 2022 Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF) Innovation Award has been given two teams in the University of Wisconsin-Madison. One of the winning team includes Sara McCoy, associate professor of medicine; Miriam Shelef, associate professor of medicine; Michael Newton, chair of biostatistics and medical informatics; and statistics graduate student Zihao Zheng for their work, Innovative New Diagnostic Test for Sjögren’s Syndrome.

This cross-disciplinary team developed a new diagnostic assay for Sjögren’s syndrome, a rheumatic disease that affects 4 million Americans. The new test is based on their discovery of novel autoantibodies that are relevant to the progression of the disease and replaces the need for a painful lip biopsy.

Meet the medical team and statisticians making it less painful to diagnose a debilitating autoimmune disorder. (https://www.warf.org/videos/innovative-new-diagnostic-test-for-sjogrens-syndrome-2022-warf-innovation-awards-nominee/)

An independent panel of judges selected the winners from a field of six finalists drawn from several hundred invention disclosures submitted to WARF over the prior 12 months. The winning teams each receive an award of $10,000, with the funds going to the named UW-Madison inventors.“Our Innovation Awards recognize some of the most exciting early-stage discoveries on campus,” says Erik Iverson, CEO of WARF. “We’re pleased to celebrate the nominees and the transformative work taking place across the UW-Madison community.”

Congratulations to Michael Newton and Zihao Zheng!