MinneAnalytics scholarship award winner 2021


MinneAnalytics Scholarship* LogoThe Department of Statistics is delighted to announce Wen Ye as the winner of a 2021 MinneAnalytics scholarship. Wen is a triple major in Statistics, Data Science (the relatively new degree program sponsored by Statistics) and Computer science. In addition to superlative classroom performance in these areas she has exercised an admirable interest in helping the community by volunteering as a Badger Mentor and focusing her class projects on infrastructure visualization tools. We are all proud of her for showing some of the many ways in which data analytics can benefit our society. Congratulations, Wen!

Bio-Wen Ye is a rising junior studying computer science, statistics and data science at UW-Madison. She is dedicated to data-driven decisions and various machine learning techniques applied to geospatial data in particular. She is part of the Geo-DS Lab under the guidance of Professor Dr. Song Gao. Currently, she is working on identifying health provider shortage areas in Wisconsin and create rational service areas. She is also an active participant of the UW Data Science Club (dotdata). In the future, she hopes to go to graduate school in the field of computer science and become a data scientist.