The Opportunities & Challenges of COVID-19 Tracking Apps as Pandemic Control Mechanisms

Covid Tracking AppApril 23 @ 10:30 am12:30 pm Free

We are pleased to host a virtual conference on the challenges and opportunities of COVID-19 tracking apps as pandemic control mechanisms. This conference begins with a panel who will discuss the growing role of digital COVID-19 tracking apps as pandemic control mechanisms. Panelists include: Professor Lawrence Gostin of Georgetown Law and WHO Collaborating Center on Public Health & Human Rights, Elinor Higgins of the National Academy for State Health Policy, Partner Torsten Kracht of Hunton Andrews Kurth, Director Saad Omer of the Yale Institute for Global Health, and Karlman Postdoctoral Fellow Baobao Zhang of Cornell University. Please click on the panelist’s name for a link to their research finding(s) relevant to the topic.

Moderators will be Dr. Mariétou Ouayogodé, Assistant Professor of Population Health Sciences with the UW-Madison School of Medicine & Public Health, and Sam Wosika, UW-Stout alumnus and Systems Engineer at Cisco. Cosponsors of the panel include the Thompson Center, UW-Stout Cybersecurity Research & Outreach Center (CyROC), UW-Whitewater Cybersecurity Center for Business, UW-Madison Jean Monnet Programs, and the UW-Madison School of Computer, Data, and Information Sciences.

Following the panel discussion, participants will be invited to attend an IoT Cloud Security Hands-on Workshop provided by UW-Stout CyROC that will explore how the growth of these cloud-based technologies presents new opportunities and threats when it comes to information security. Learn more and register for the IoT workshop.

Register for the panel here