Statistics Course Evaluations

The UW-Madison Department of Statistics is willing to re-evaluate stats transfer courses. Before submitting the Statistics Transfer Credit Evaluation Request Form, please read through the following information.

Below are the required steps for course re-evaluation for degree seeking undergraduate students.  Special students (VISP) or graduate students who wish to prove prior course content for a prerequisite may skip right to step 3.

  1. The Office of Registrar initially evaluates transfer courses and gives direct equivalency (i.e. course is STAT 301), is an indirect equivalency (i.e. STAT X16) or there is no equivalency.
  2. If the course is not listed on your record, first please check with the Office of Registrar to find out why it did not transfer. Possible causes: course is not equivalent to any of the courses offered at UW-Madison, student did not submit a detailed syllabus, course did not cover most of the material required, etc.
  1. If you disagree with the direct equivalency evaluation (i.e. you received credit for STAT 311, but think it should be STAT 309) or wish to have a course re-evaluated for direct equivalency (i.e. you have credit for STAT X16, but want to see if it can be STAT 309), you may complete the Statistics Transfer Credit Evaluation Request Form.
    • When completing the form, please have ready
      • Name of Institution
      • Course Number
      • Course Title
      • Term Completed (Semester/Year)
      • UW-Madison course(s) believed to be equivalent to (see for list of courses)
      • Course Website (if applicable)
      • A complete syllabus (in English) including the name of the institution and course number, a list of topics covered, and the name of the textbook used with chapters covered. Please submit a PDF version of the syllabus.
  2. Once the course has been re-evaluated by the department, we will contact you via email notifying the decision and next steps.
  3. The limit of course re-evaluations per Campus ID is 4 per semester.

Please note: If the Statistics Department approves a course equivalency, we will make a request to the Office of Registrar for a course equivalency change. The Office of Registrar has the final say on course equivalencies. Therefore, it is possible for the Office of Registrar to deny the course equivalency.

Statistics Transfer Credit Evaluation Request Form

After reading through the above information, please fill out the Statistics Transfer Credit Evaluation Request Form. Note that evaluations may take up to two weeks to complete.

**This form is not for pre-approval for transfer credit direct equivalencies. To get pre-approval, please visit for instructions on how to submit pre-approval requests.