2018-19 Department Committees (lead(s) in bold)

Committee Purpose Members
Climate & Diversity Promote a welcoming and inclusive community for people from every background, organize social activities, and handle departmental climate and diversity issues. Po-Ling Loh, Rick Chappell, Zhengjun Zhang, Dan Barnish, Nancy Brinkerhoff,
Student rep: Srikanth Avaramuthan, Michael Liou, Duzhe (Peter) Wang
Computing and Web Oversee departmental computing and web needs, policies and plans, coordinate web maintenance and updates. Sebastian Raschka, Garvesh Raskutti, Mike Cammilleri, Michael Holt
Curriculum & Degree Req. Oversee curriculum needs, policies, and plans for traditional programs (Stat BS, MS, PhD) and for all Stat courses. One member each is in charge of Stat PhD Minor, Course Equivalence, and Academic Program Assessment, with others as backups. Wei-Yin Loh, Vivak Patel, Jun Shao, Dan Barnish, Derek Bean
Faculty Hiring If hiring proceeds, attend diversity training (Fall), review applications and solicit feedback from faculty (Dec-Jan), arrange interviews and coordinate faculty decision-making (Jan-Mar). Wei-Yin Loh, Peter Chien, Sunduz Keles, Bret Larget, Chunming Zhang
Gateway Courses Oversee undergraduate gateway course needs, policies, and plans, explore new gateway courses/audiences, coordinate with Curriculum and Undergraduate Committees, advise and support gateway course instruction teams. Brian Yandell, Wei-Yin Loh, Chelsey Green, Nick Keuler, Bo Yang
Graduate Admissions Evaluate applications for Fall (~500 applicants, primarily December-February) and Spring (~20 applicants, October), organize/support recruitment efforts such as campus visits by prospective students. Coordinate with VISP/MSDS admissions.. Bret Larget, Derek Bean, Christina Kendziorski, Peter Chien, Nicolas Trillos, Anru Zhang, Chunming Zhang, Zhengjun Zhang, John Schuppel
MS Exam Administer MS exam one in Fall (~November) and one in Spring (~April), design appropriately sized problems, evaluate written reports and oral exams. Coordinate with Curriculum Committee on policy issues. Rick Chappell, Hyunseung Kang, Michael Newton, Miaoyan Wang, John Schuppel
PhD Qualifier Exam Administer PhD qualifying exam in late August and if necessary, in January. Individual faculty expertise is balanced to ensure adequate representation for all problem areas needed. The committee chair has important oversight responsibility to ensure that the exam is well and fairly constructed. Coordinate with Curriculum Committee on policy issues. Sunduz Keles, Derek Bean, Wei-Yin Loh, Garvesh Raskutti, Jun Shao, Fangfang Wang, Anru Zhang, Chunming Zhang, John Schuppel
Secretary for Faculty Meeting Take minutes at the monthly Department and Faculty Meetings, with one faculty member as primary secretary and the other as backup. Brian Yandell, Bret Larget
Seminar Organize departmental weekly seminars with duties including inviting speakers, arranging visits, and hosting talks. Hyunseung Kang, Vivak Patel, Miaoyan Wang, John Schuppel
Strategic Planning Review/develop vision, mission, and long-range planning including creative funding, strategic hiring/growth, infrastructure/process building, inter-connections and roles across campus, and outreach. Jun Zhu, Cecile Ane, Bret Larget
TA and Instruction Oversee TA and instruction needs, policies, and plans. One faculty member coordinates teaching assignments for instructors, advises and supports curriculum and timetable staff coordinators. One faculty member advises and supports TA staff coordinators on TA assignment, training, mentoring, evaluation, and awards. Jun Shao</b, Cecile Ane, Derek Bean, Dan Barnish, Nancy Brinkerhoff, Nick Keuler
Undergraduate Major Oversee undergraduate major needs, policies, and plans including recruitment, advising, and curriculum. Coordinate with Curriculum Committee on policy issues. Cecile Ane, Sebastian Raschka, Dan Barnish, Laura Juszczyk
Student rep: Zeyu (Jerry) Wei
VISP & MSDS Oversee the Visiting International Student Program (VISP) and the MS Data Science (MSDS) option needs, policies, and plans including recruitment, admissions, advising, and curriculum. Coordinate with Curriculum and Graduate Admissions Committees. Jun Shao, Nicolas Trillos, Brian Yandell, Zhengjun Zhang, Sara Rodock