Day of The Badger

Please mark your calendars for Tuesday, April 6th- Wednesday, April 7th!

What is the Day of the Badger? DOTB is a campus-wide annual giving effort that actually begins at 10:12 am Central Time on April 6, and runs for 1848 minutes, until 5:00 pm CT on April 7. So, yes, our “day of giving” is a few hundred minutes longer than the average day in honor of the year of UW-Madison’s founding.
Why the Department of Statistics need your support: We currently have approximately 160 graduate students, more than 400 undergraduate majors in Statistics, and have 150 students in the new Data Science Major in the Department of Statistics. Our field and premier department is experiencing unprecedented growth and opportunities. We are well positioned to conduct research and education in cutting-edge statistical theory, methodology, and computation with applications to a variety of areas from biology to the humanities. In this era of data-driven, evidence-based decision making, statistics is more important than ever. As our department continues to grow, we want to provide the best to our students to prepare them for their careers.
The Department of Statistics is proud to be a part of the School of Computer, Data & Information Sciences (CDIS). We are pleased to collaborate with CDIS in supporting our students and delivering on our mission. We are also excited to share that they are partnering with us on Day of the Badger by matching gifts made to our department. Learn more aboutCDIS at
How gifts make a difference: Your gifts are necessary for us to provide the support for our growing population of students, both current and future. Specifically, we would like to support the development of student programs, internships, and scholarships to benefit both undergraduate and graduate students, and fund travel to data competitions across the country. We appreciate gifts of all sizes, as they will help us prepare our students to accomplish their goals.
How can you take part? Give Back. Consider making a gift to support the department. Wear Red. Gather up your Badger gear and show your pride. Stay Connected. Follow L&S and UW-Madison social media accounts and continue to update us on new life events.We hope you join us on Tuesday, April 6th- Wednesday, April 7th!
Contact Dan Barnish ( Alumni Relations Coordinator | Department of Statistics
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